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October 2020

The audio walk – Audio Dérives – is now live. I wrote and recorded the music for this audio experience set in the financial district of Amsterdam. The walk starts in the Amstel Park, located in the south part of the city. The audience is invited to partake in a solitary walk, accompanied by a narrator and my music. If you are unable to go to the park but still want to hear what I created, click play and settle in. 

Audio Dérives
Script / Concept by Esther Hovers
Music / Recording by Lomar Brown
Editing / Recording by Hans Poel
Narration by Annemarie Wadlow

Mind Your Step at Zone2Source
Amstel Park, Amsterdam.
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10/04/2020 -  11/29/2020
Photo Credit: Esther Hovers, Amstel Park, 2020